• After the project started, I have been explicating the idea. In the context of interaction design, there was a very important question: Why would people want to touch me?

    Even though one’s vision is rely on others, what will motivate for someone to touch a stranger? What should they do even when they are touching? I suspect the interest of such degree of interactive relationship might wear out pretty soon. This problem is associated to an immediate question: What can the others take back? From there, I linked these questions to the radical element of the concept – granting the control of one’s vision to others. What can one do when he is controlling/giving vision? What can one do to other by purely seeing things?  Light bulb, taking photo! I discovered that these questions are exactly describing the functionality of a camera. More imagination then arrived like the meaning of a human camera, how user utilizes a human body as a camera, what is it like when the interaction between human to object becomes human to human, etc…

    Then, I started sketching the design of a human camera, and at that time, I called it “Touch Skin Camera.”

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    The birth of the Touchy concept was really intuitive. Some time in 2010, the idea came into my mind from nowhere, and I started sketching it. I wasn’t very serious about the idea, but I was intrigued by the poetic quality of one’s vision being dependent on the others. I was curious on what would happen if one of your senses could only be enabled by physical contact. Possibly, it will yield some explorations on the topic of communication and human senses.

    This idea stayed in my mind for a while, but I wasn’t ready to develop or actualize it until I moved to Japan being a resident artist at the Ishikawa Oku Laboratory of the University of Tokyo. At that moment, we started a mini brainstorming group focused on communication, and I thought that would be a good occasion to bring up this concept, which led to the kickoff of the project. Also, my beloved Hong Kong curator, Joel Kwong has also encouraged me to process this project.

    There was nothing related to camera or shutters at the initiation of the concept. It’s purely about giving sight. I was actually thinking the eyes are revealed/blinded by de/fogging the googles as shown in this sketch. But wait a minute, there was already a bow-tie, haha!

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