• Adding a funky lens, and roughly coloring the black part of the camera. After the first prototype day, I designed to remove the initiate idea of adding a lens hood because it blocks too much of the eyes.

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    After sketching in 2D, the next step is to make very simple prototype with foam boards to get a sense of how it looks like in 3D. It is particularly important for wearable device since we have to make sure it not only looks good on the desk but also wearing it. Thank you for Tosa-san of Maywa Denki letting me use his studio for prototyping since I don’t have one in Tokyo. Also, he have given me a lot of advices and help!

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    I nailed down to this design and drew all four view of the design ready for prototype!

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    The further I think about the idea, the more I feel that the object should be able to easier recall people about camera or it is a camera. So, I decided to explore the direction of “camera head.” Instead of designing it as a pair of goggles, I was thinking it more like a helmet. It will also provide more room for embedding electronics.

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    This is a second version of Touchy Skin Camera design. I wanted to give a friendly feeling to the device, so I put a little
    smiley face on the face of the goggles. I also wanted the object design to resemble a Polaroid camera because it is more toy-like and welcoming, which is a characteristic I want this human camera to have.

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    I randomly came across my beloved former professor, Dr. Hector Rodriguez’s keynote at Wikitopia (a conference organized by Videotage) , which provided me a very useful reference on the idea of giving and receiving. His keynote was titled “The Principle of Reciprocity,” which related to Marcel Mauss’s classic study of The Gift. Mauss regarded the giving and receiving of gifts as a widespread cultural phenomenon, and in Hector’s lecture, he discoursed a detail phenomenological research on such practice.

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