• Touchy and Margaret made a speech at a Roppongi Hills Breakfast Pecha Kucha event. People from all walks of life from businessmen and producers to designers and museum curators share their ideas and passion in concise 400-second presentations. At a PechaKucha event every speaker needs to follow the strict presentation rules –  the PechaKucha 20×20 format of only 20 images, each for only 20 seconds. Devised and introduced at the first PechaKucha Night in Tokyo in 2003 by Klein Dytham architecture, PechaKucha is now a global phenomenon with events in over 330 cities around the world. TOUCHY and Margaret’s presentation can be viewed here.

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    TOUCHY believes that sharing is caring. Therefore, together with Margaret, he took part in Share with FIAT symposium 2012. Fiat collaborates with the NPOs by creating a communication platform to expand the base of their supporters. Among the NPOs are People Design Institute, Italians for Tohoku, Blind Sovver Association Japan and Female Tennis Association Pink Ribbon.

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    Touchy and Margaret have visited a place like no other! – TEDxKids@Chiyoda red carpet! Its a great honor that Touchy’s idea of reviving the quality of offline communication has been TEDx approved. Touchy is grateful to TEDxKids@Chiyoda team for touchy times! The touch-snapped memories are here.

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    On 13th Oct. 2012, Touchy visited Zushi for Media Art Festival. Visiting Zushi reinforced Touchy’s belief in its philosophy – universal longing for human touch.
    Touchy interacted with toucha of all ages and backgrounds – kids, youth, middle-age professionals and KIDS.
    Kids taught Touchy today that not only casual touching but also continuous slapping and punching activates opening of Touchy’s shutters. In that sense Zushi Media Festival was indeed an eye opening experience! The photo are

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    Touchy and Margaret were invited to speak at an opening reception party of Future of Mobility venue in Omotesando. The event combined exhibition of new tech mobility devices, fashion as well as a live art show by artists Sense and Kaz. Touchy has held a microphone for the first ever and his shutters went nuts, closing down and opening repetitively. With some help of Margaret and an understanding audience, Touchy’s presentation finished with success. Snap photo report available here.

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    Touchy made a touchy speech @ The New Context Conference 2012 run by Digital Garage, Tokyo. Touchy spoke about of the anatomy of its technical design and its social role as new media arts healing device. See more here

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