• Touchy Bulb

    The Touchy Bulb bridges the connection with the users. When users grab the bulb and touch Touchy’s skin, the interaction will happen. The Touchy Bulb comprises with a touch sensor, a pair of speakers, a switch and a LED light.

    During a performance, Touchy holds the bulb and constantly presses the switch that plays an audio instruction out loud, which attracts the bystanders and provides guidance for interaction (if someone grab the bulb, the audio will stop playing.) Given the situation of Touchy is performing in different countries, the local language of instruction will be played. The LED emits transiting colorful light for decorative purpose.

    Touchy Box

    The Touchy Bulb is connected to the Touchy Box, which contains an Arduino, a touch sensor circuit, an electrode, an audio module, an audio amplifier and an Xbee.

    The Arduino is the brain of the Touchy bulb. It takes the sensor signal and transmit it wirelessly to the helmet via Xbee to activate the shutters. The touch sensing is processed with a simple technology in which a transistor detects if a small current circuit is completed, which is achieved by attaching an electrode to Touchy’s skin (at all time.) When the user grabs the conductive anodized part of the bulb and makes contact with Touchy, the circuit is completed and a human-to-human touch is detected. Arduino also controls the playback of the audio.