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    I modified the lens part to this lighter version.

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    Adding a funky lens, and roughly coloring the black part of the camera. After the first prototype day, I designed to remove the initiate idea of adding a lens hood because it blocks too much of the eyes.

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    After sketching in 2D, the next step is to make very simple prototype with foam boards to get a sense of how it looks like in 3D. It is particularly important for wearable device since we have to make sure it not only looks good on the desk but also wearing it. Thank you for […]

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    After the project started, I have been explicating the idea. In the context of interaction design, there was a very important question: Why would people want to touch me? Even though one’s vision is rely on others, what will motivate for someone to touch a stranger? What should they do even when they are touching? I suspect the interest […]

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