Touchy is an exceptionally smart, but excessively shy boy. Desperately missing human contact the boy has always been jealous of a life of a camera. ‘People smile at it, wear their cutest clothes in front of it, show the camera most delicious dishes and beautiful sceneries’ – he thought. This jealousy led him to devising a ‘human camera’. When worn, the camera’s shutters covering the eyes blind the boy. Only human touch, which activates opening of the shutters can enable his vision. Whenever a human touch is maintained for 10 second the camera takes a picture to capture the meaningful moment of Touchy’s interaction with another person (toucha).


    Margaret is a relentless world explorer, adventure addict, ‘all over the place’ kind of girl. Curiosity-driven and full of unconventional ideas she keeps herself constantly occupied. Discovering the world by herself, Margaret realizes that she needs someone by her side to make her escapades truly meaningful.
    One day Margaret meets Touchy and they immediately become best friends. Margaret shows Touchy the world by taking him to her favorite places. She is happy to introduce Touchy to the wonders of this planet. Touchy relies on Margaret to experience a life of the most loved and taken care of human camera in the the history of human cameras!


    You can be Toucha! Touch Touchy if you can and turn yourself into one! The techniques vary:
    ・grab Touchy’s hand…
    ・slap Touchy’s cheek…
    ・poke Touchy’s nose…
    ・grab Touchy’s chin..
    …and enable opening of the camera shutters so Touchy can see!
    Take touch-snaps together by touching Touchy for 10 seconds. Margaret might become a bit jealous, so to avoid upsetting her, include her in the inter-touch-action, touch-snapping sessions and other touchlicious activities!
    Touch Touchy if you can at the upcoming events.