• The Birth of TOUCHY

    The Lonely Boy
    There was a boy from Hong Kong who lived in Tokyo.
    He was exceptionally smart, but excessively shy. He used to stay by himself most of the time.
    Electronics Genius
    Day by day, the boy could be seen behind his desk surrounded by the motors, gears,
    cables and screws. He was obsessed with inventing new electronic devices.
    His passion kept him occupied, but whenever he saw other kids playing in the yard,
    he felt lonely. He wished he had more friends.
    Many times the boy could see people using a camera to take photos of their
    most fun moments. ‘People smile at a camera, wear their cutest clothes in front of it,
    show it most delicious dishes and beautiful sceneries..
    Light bulb
    …What if I could have a life as exciting as
    a life of a camera’ he thought with jealousy.
    Out of the sudden a riveting idea popped in his head.
    Making Touchy
    The boy worked hard in his
    studio and crafted a magical
    camera in shape of a helmet.
    Touchy Invented
    Without a moment of hesitation, he mounted the object on his
    head. At this very moment the boy has transformed himself into
    a human camera. He could not be happier.
    Touchy cannot see
    But… Unfortunately, something must have gone wrong. The camera shutters which
    covered his eyes would not open. The boy could not see anything.
    He wandered around cluelessly…