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    I nailed down to this design and drew all four view of the design ready for prototype!

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    The further I think about the idea, the more I feel that the object should be able to easier recall people about camera or it is a camera. So, I decided to explore the direction of “camera head.” Instead of designing it as a pair of goggles, I was thinking it more like a helmet. […]

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    After the project started, I have been explicating the idea. In the context of interaction design, there was a very important question: Why would people want to touch me? Even though one’s vision is rely on others, what will motivate for someone to touch a stranger? What should they do even when they are touching? I suspect the interest […]

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    The birth of the Touchy concept was really intuitive. Some time in 2010, the idea came into my mind from nowhere, and I started sketching it. I wasn’t very serious about the idea, but I was intrigued by the poetic quality of one’s vision being dependent on the others. I was curious on what would happen if one of […]

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