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    Dear Friends and Touchmates, Wow!! Touchy is on tour! Will you happen to be in any of these places listed below? Come touch Touchy! Check out the Touchy highlights too and don’t miss the Ars Electronica magazine that features Touchy on the cover! Stay in Touchy! Best, Eric Siu aka Touchy touchtouchy.com FILE Sao Paulo, […]

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    Dear Friends and Touchmates, Happy New Year! Touchy wishes you all the best in 2014. Touchy had a very fruitful year in 2013 met and touched a lot of people. Through that, Touchy strives to encourage offline communication. Can you help? In this brand new year, Touchy is going to shift the focus to a […]

    Dear Friends and Touchmates, Ever wondered what Christmas looked liked in Japan? Touchy and Margaret Toucha present shot guerrilla style in Tokyo. All I Want for Christmas, Touch You! feat. Maywa Denki Christmas present from Japan? LIKE Touchy page and SHARE Touchy video, for a chance to win Otamatone – music instrument designed by famous […]

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