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    A Reference of Giving and Receiving

    I randomly came across my beloved former professor, Dr. Hector Rodriguez’s keynote at Wikitopia (a conference organized by Videotage) , which provided me a very useful reference on the idea of giving and receiving. His keynote was titled “The Principle of Reciprocity,” which related to Marcel Mauss’s classic study of The Gift. Mauss regarded the giving and receiving […]

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    Why Camera?

    After the project started, I have been explicating the idea. In the context of interaction design, there was a very important question: Why would people want to touch me? Even though one’s vision is rely on others, what will motivate for someone to touch a stranger? What should they do even when they are touching? I suspect the interest […]

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    How Did Touchy Born?

    The birth of the Touchy concept was really intuitive. Some time in 2010, the idea came into my mind from nowhere, and I started sketching it. I wasn’t very serious about the idea, but I was intrigued by the poetic quality of one’s vision being dependent on the others. I was curious on what would happen if one of […]

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